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What are the world's largest international trade shows? 2019 Ranking Release

2018 marks the 10th anniversary of the comprehensive outbreak of the international financial crisis, and global trade has once again entered a turbulent era. The "anti globalization" trend represented by the United States is resurgent, global trade frictions are rapidly heating up, trade protectionism and unilateralism are prevalent, and international trade is facing significant challenges. Large international trade shows are staunch maintainers and main tools for international trade. Against the backdrop of global trade turbulence, the world trade show situation is turbulent and thrilling, but overall it has withstood the test and maintained the overall situation of world trade. In the 2019 Top 100 World Trade Exhibitions Ranking, as an exhibition kingdom, Germany's exhibitions have retreated to the forefront, while China's large-scale trade exhibitions are flourishing and their internationalization level is constantly improving. Looking around the world, looking at the changes of world trade shows over the past decade, it is clear that world exhibitions are brewing for major breakthroughs.